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lundi 03 avril 2006 (3 posts)
This one is for Debian development, where I'm involved as a Xfce Packagers Team member. I am at the moment in New Maintainers list, but hope to be one day Debian Developer (why not...).

Those posts here will be in english (mostly) as it's the most common language to communicate with the other dev that I know.
It'll be also a good writing exercise, as I only chat on IRC in english at the moment, and I guess I need to practice.

I apologize for errors, mistakes etc.., english isn't my mother tongue.

To start this category, I'd like to say that ema (another member of Debian Xfce Group) is a really nice guy. We had a beer in Paris when he came for holidays with his girlfriend Clara. Only a beer because each other had things to do, but it was really cool to meet a guy with which I work since a few months and only know by IRC.

Language was a problem, as I speak only french and english (and spanish too but..), he speaks only italian and english, and his gf only speaks italian and french. No common language, but 3 languages spoken only by two of us. So we had to translate every sentence in the language the last couldn't understand. We mostly spoke english because I didn't know Clara at all so I spoke less with her than with him.

As a side note, understanding italian isn't so difficult when they speak «piano», with help from french and spanish. Latin languages are very similar.

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