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mercredi 11 juin 2008 (2 posts)

(this is an english repost from the original french one, for planet debian)

Ok, this is just a procedure, which worked for me, for french taxes declaration. The french governement only allows on Linux configurations with i386 architectures, and firefox.

This solutions works (at the date of the post) on a Debian Sid amd64, but should work on every x86/amd64 Debian, because we use a clean i386 chroot.

Let's go:

# get the packages
corsac@hidalgo: sudo aptitude -R install cdebootstrap chroot

# create the i386 chroot:
corsac@hidalgo: sudo cdebootstrap -a i386 sid chroot

# bind-mount /tmp for Xorg in the chroot:
corsac@hidalgo: sudo mount -o bind /tmp debian/chroot/tmp

# Entering chroot:
corsac@hidalgo: sudo chroot debian/chroot /bin/bash

# configure apt:
root: echo "deb sid main contrib non-free" > /etc/apt/sources.list
root: aptitude update

# installing packages:
root: aptitude -R install iceweasel sun-java5-plugin

# no need to run iceweasel as root:
root: adduser corsac

# done for inside the chroot

We now need two things in the chroot:
  • the pkcs12 certificate, delivered by the DGI. If you don't have one yet, you'll be given one when declaring.
  • .Xauthority, so we have some displays in the chroot

 corsac@hidalgo: cp ~/.Xauthority debian/chroot/home/corsac/

Time to re-enter the chroot:

corsac@hidalgo: sudo chroot debian/chroot /bin/bash

root: su - corsac

# we export the DISPLAY to use host X
corsac: export DISPLAY=:0.0

# ready to go
corsac: iceweasel

Now you should be able to go to the website and declare. No need for symbolic link or LD_LIBRARY_PATH hack. I failed to use sun-java6-plugin.

Don't hesitate to purge your chroot and restart from a clean one. You can also clean the folder where the shared lib is stored, in ~/.TaoUSign.

Hope that helps.

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