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samedi 15 novembre 2008 (1 post)


Xfce 4.6 Beta 2 Hopper has just been released and, guess what, packages are already available. Still not in unstable (or even experimental), that will wait post-lenny. You can install it from my repository, and, as usual, there's no Debian support on them.

The known_issue page is currently quite empty, and this beta looks really quite polished. Packages currently available are i386 and amd64, powerpc will be available when I have time to put the mac at build.

This beta features mostly bug fixing, and some features too:

  • power management stuff in xfce4-session. Based on a patch included long ago in Ubuntu, it means that when you click the logout button it'll ask you if you want to suspend/hibernate the box. That works through hal and it may need some tuning on the machine. Reports appreciated here or there. 
  • soname bump in xfconf. That means package renaming from libxconf-0-0 to libxfconf-0-2. No standard upgrade path (Replaces:) is provided because I don't want to clutter the packages before upload to Debian. This will continue for following changes (libxfconf-0-3 for rc for example). For the final release the library name will be changed to libxfconf-1 and the soname will be reset to 0, which means the package name will be libxfconf-1-0. There again, no upgrade path will be provided for people using my repository. The only upgraded path supported will be 4.4 →4.6. (but you won't be totally alone in the dark, I use 4.6 beta on my laptop so I'll pass through hell before you)
  • keyboard shortcut can be configured (both window manager ones and applications) and there is now conflict handling
  • session management has been greatly improved, you can now save the session immediately (a long-wanted feature) and it manages stuff like SMRestartImmediately etc.
The official announcement can be found there.
Have fnu!

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