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lundi 22 octobre 2012 (2 posts)

It's been six months since Xfce 4.10 has been released. And it's been four months since Wheezy is frozen. Due to this timing (and the fact Squeeze has 4.6 and doing a 4.6 → 4.10 upgrade needed some tuning in various packages), it was decided to not try to push 4.10 into Wheezy that late in the release cycle.

So Xfce 4.10 was uploaded to experimental instead, and as it needs a full rebuild of all panel plugins against 4.10 panel (another reason for not trying to push it to Wheezy), those have not been uploaded. You can try Xfce 4.10 using experimental, but you'll need to remove the xfce4-goodies metapackage and the various depending plugin (since they'll just crash if you try to load them on 4.10 panel).

Multiple people asked me (either on IRC, by private or public mail) when 4.10 will be uploaded to unstable and transition to testing. Like last time, the answer is : not before Wheezy is released. Right now, we're more interested in stabilizing Wheezy and squashing the bugs there than adding new ones in unstable.

So, if you want to have Xfce 4.10 in Debian sid/testing sooner, then the easiest and fastest way is to fix some release critical bugs so we can release sooner, and then start breaking sid by uploading a whole lot of new stuff there.

Note that this is true also for other software like GNOME, KDE stack (I have no idea how to call it these days), the Linux kernel, strongswan or whatever.

About development releases of Xfce 4.11 (like the recently released exo 0.9 and Thunar 1.5), well, since we already use experimental for 4.10, there's not much chance they get uploaded anytime soon. We could try to package them and let people build it themselves, or I could host it somewhere on my server for people to try. But as I already said, we're more interested in fixing bug in Wheezy right now, and people interested in finding bugs in Xfce development releases (so they are fixed for the final one) should build it themselves and report everything they find on the Xfce bugzilla.

TL;DR: if you care about new, shiny stuff, please help fixing RC bugs in Wheezy.

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