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dimanche 25 février 2007 (1 post)
I'm now just back from FOSDEM in Brussels. Well I was back few hours ago, but now I've eaten, I've send the signed keys from the KSP, pictures are on their waythere, it's time to post.

First, I'd like to really thanks Wouter for the Hosting near Brussels, Madcoder for the trips, and everyone in FOSDEM organization. From my point of view, it was flawless. We had wifi when they promise it, and it works great during all the weekend, we had food and beer at good prices, people were kind etc. Really really thank you.

It was my first "international" meeting, one month after my first "national" meeting at Solutions Linux. First time I met so much FOSS developers, and especially Debian ones. Lot of people I didn't know, lot of people I still don't know, but which I was glad to hear of, to see talks...

I was especially interested by sunday talks, netconf from madduck, and Debian Internals by Enrico, which were really nice (and netconf seems promising).

It was really short, and exhausting, but it made me want to go to Edimburgh for Debconf7, but I really don't know if I'll be able to do this. (nor if I would want to leave for a week 'alone' ...)

In the end, it was a quite improvised week-end, but a really nice one.

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